Dominion of British West Florida

Flags of British West Florida

The symbols of the Dominion of British West Florida reflect its history, allegiance to the Crown and the origins of its people.
  National Flag

The National Flag, which is also the merchant flag, contains the white star from the 1810 flag of the Republic of West Florida, and, in the canton, the pre-1801 British union flag, reminiscent of the period when Great Britain governed Florida (1763-83).

  Sovereign's standard

The standard to be flown by HM The Queen when in British West Florida is the banner of the national arms (i.e. the shield) with the Queen's personal motive in the centre.



Governor-General's standard

This adopts the Canadian practice of using the dominion's own crest, rather than the crest from the British royal arms (as done in all other realms).

  White Ensign

The Royal Navy of the UK flies a white ensign, with the Union Flag in the canton and a St.George's cross throughout. This tradition of a white ensign has been carried on by a number of Commonwealth countries. For British West Florida, the ensign is obtained by reversing the colours of the field and star.


  Blue Ensign

British tradition, also followed by a number of Commonwealth countries, uses a blue ensign for government vessels other than warships, and for vessels sailing in Crown service.



The jack is flown by government vessels and warships when in harbour. Many countries use the national flag as a jack, while others have a separate flag.


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